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Star Specialpowers
Only for the gifted!

Group Founder: oxyygen
Description: Welcome to the group specially for people with extraordinary powers.People with Psychic abilities, projectiles, levitation, magical powers and posseses extraordinary attribute are welcome to join and share their personal or formal experiences with other members. This is an oppurtunity for you to meet and relate with people alike, all over the world. This group is open to everybody interested, either you are a possessor of extraordinary gift.develop or under develop or you are just seeking information. Register and bedazzled at what you could learn here. (Registration is under the condition that you must contribute what so ever information for the rest to learn.witch crafts infos: evil teaching or occult sacrifices are not welcome. Anyone who acts contrary and in accordance of evil would face due punishment.) Welcome to the worlds withing our world
Group Type: Public join
Members: 6
Category: Religion & Beliefs > Mysticism

Topics (1)

go Introduction (0) oxyygen
You hear it everyday. Something every one choose not to belive. Movies , stories have contributed alot to making it seem more unreal. Yet U Cant pass a day without thinking that theres got to be more ...